Friday, March 27, 2009

So It's Your Birthday!

LIVE...This week is an exciting week for me. My birthday is coming up and while I usually just try to see my birthday as another day. I have decided to stretch my thinking this year... This year I want to do something ON my birthday to celebrate the fact that I am alive, healthy and able. My first plan for the year was to go canyoneering ON my birthday...However, due to scheduling we opted to go canyoneering later in the week. So I am going skiing for my birthday, spending a day out on the slopes just having fun and playing with my family. The thought of it really brings joy to my heart.

LOVE...For me to switch my "keep it low key" mentality, I really had to allow myself to start looking at what kind of message I was sending. Previously, my mentality was to try to be invisible for my birthday. Rather than trying to do something that nurtured my soul. So this year for my birthday, I will nurture my soul and allow myself to celebrate the abundance of love (and health) I have for myself and others.

LEAP... Say today is YOUR birthday... What would you do to nurture your soul? Think about it...dream it...feel it.

Until next time...Live, Love and Leap!


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