Monday, December 7, 2009

Fear as Unbelief

LIVE… I, like other people, read for enjoyment and to stay abreast of the latest topics in counseling, coaching and consulting. About two months ago, I read, “You Were Born for This” by Bruce Wilkinson. The premise is learning how to listen to God so you maybe a conduit by which God delivers miracles to others. (Really good book if you are interested) As I read the book, the miracle that I received personally was a statement made by the author, having nothing to do with miracles. He stated, “Fear is unbelief.” Wow…that simple truth struck me in a very profound way.

It is interesting to me, now as I think about the concept of fear as unbelief… We fear that something will happen to ourselves = unbelief we will be safe. We fear something will happened to our children = unbelief that we or God can protect them. We fear others = unbelief in our ability to survive.

LOVE… Do not get me wrong…fear is healthy when it warns us. Fear is normal when we feel like we have no control of a situation. Fear is unhealthy when we can no longer function…when our fears are so big that we cannot allow our children to play with others…OR…when we cannot give our full attention to a task because our fears prevent us engaging in the task…OR…when the fear of being hurt, keeps us from going on a date…Those fears can limit us and the ones we love. Those fears keep us hostage.

LEAP… Take a moment and look at your fears…are they legitimate fears where the end result is catastrophic…OR… are they are series of unbelief’s that you have the power to change?