Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Can dreams merge together and come true?

Live... I have been working on creating a vision for myself and my business. I have multiple dreams I would love to actualize. I am coming to understand, that as a person, I have made so many of my dreams come true...I was the first of my siblings to go to college. I went to graduate school. I have a family and a husband. I have been dog sledding, hiking and canyoneering come true. I moved out west to be closer to the mountains.

Now is the time for me to take these same principles and apply them to my business. I know I can have a personal dream and follow it to reality. I know I can take a professional dream like going to school, becoming a licensed therapist come true. Yet the dreams I am working towards now require that I stretch myself in ways I never thought imaginable. I am creating a vision for my business with little dreams that culminate into a global vision of how I can be of service to others.

Love...While I sit here and think about the little dreams culminating into the global vision. I come up with wonderful creative ways to intertwine two of my passions together; helping people and the outdoors. One of my dreams would be to provide coaching sessions for people who are engaging in an outdoor adventure...like people who are learning to rock climb, canyoneer, or hike. Many times when we allow ourselves to step into the great outdoors we unlock pieces of ourselves that we either did not see or had not touched in a long time. I would love to act as a coach for people as they process their internal worlds with their outdoor experiences.

Leap... My leap is to start exploring and gathering information about using my coaching skills in conjunction with outdoor adventure providers. By doing this, I will be allowing myself to open up and merge two of my passions together into one experience. So what would it take for you to merge, explore or find ways that your passions could build on one another? What would it take to create a bridge from one of your passions to another passion? How will it feel when those two passions come together? What will be different inside of you?

Until next time...Live, Love and Leap!

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