Monday, June 15, 2009

Looking Back and Letting Go...

LIVE...As I look back at different experiences in my life, I have come to realize that I have allowed the ignorance of others to affect how I see myself. I gave people the power to define me. I thought "they" some how had a better understanding of me, more knowledge of who I was, or better insight than I could have of myself. The reality is... I had a deeper knowledge of myself than I was willing to give myself credit. The only thing I "lacked" was the vocabulary to match the experiences.

LOVE...Some may think, I am writing this post out of anger or resentment. When quite the contrary is true, I am writing this out of a place of peace. At this stage of my life, I see how the lack of knowledge or understanding of a simple concept affects the person you are. I am also writing from a place of letting go...Letting go of the previous messages...The previous power I gave others...because now I have the knowledge that neither they or I had at the time.

LEAP...Take a couple of minutes and look for one of those little messages...You know the one that really does not fit sticks with you anyway. Then look at the person who gave you the message...Did the statement they made match the knowledge they had at the time?...Now look at yourself...Did you have the knowledge or vocabulary to refute what they had to say at the time?

Now it is your choice...Hang on to the message...OR...Let it go.

Until next time...Live, Love and Leap!


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