Sunday, February 15, 2009

Life Changing Moments...

Live...The last few days I have been asked some really good questions...One of them was "What brings you joy?"...The other question was about life changing moments...So how do these two questions fit together?

When I was asked about life changing moments...I thought about when I was almost 16, we had a school dance in January. The weather got bad and my friend and I decided to call our parents and get permission to stay the night where we were. They agreed. The following morning we got into the car, my friend, my date and I. The road seemed fine until we were getting ready to exit. The car spun out of control and we hit a pole with a concrete base about half the size of the car. I was in the back seat, sitting in the middle. When the car hit the pole from the rear...the glass from the rear window blew through the car and I had glass in my hair and my clothes. We were all quite lucky...even though I had a concussion and whip lash. It took about a year and a half for the pain in my neck to subside.

BUT...My biggest memory of the friend's mom looked at both of us and said, "Thank God! You hit it backwards! If you would have been going forward Jodi would have died." As it turns out, if we would have hit the pole from the front I would have been ejected from the car.

I simply cannot imagine my life stopping at 16.

Love...So having experienced a potentially life threatening car accident...What is MY joy? My joy comes from helping. I love to help people, animals and the land in which we live. It is the smallest act of love I can provide to others that bring me the greatest joy. One of these small acts of love is this blog...I write it to give others the opportunity stop, think and "leap" into new directions. It is one of my loves I share with others.

Leap...Having lived through the car accident, I have learned "leaps" look different at different times in our lives. So my question to you is...What "leap" do you need to take for this week? Do you want to stop and show the love you have for someone else? Do you want to take a minute and show love to yourself? What about showing love to the land that we live? What would it take to make a "leap" in this direction? Or animals...what "leap" could you make this week that would provide love to an animal...domestic or wild?

What ever you choose, it is YOURS to give!

Until next time...Live, Love and Leap!


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