Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good Goals...

"A good goal should SCARE you a little.
And EXCITE you A LOT!"
Joe Vitale

LIVE...So the new year has begun. What have you decided to do with it? Have you created the goals you really want to achieve.... OR.... Are you sitting back in fear, thinking that what you really want is impossible to achieve? Is doubt filling the space between you and your dreams? Are limited thoughts, poised as reality, keeping you from taking the initial "leap" of acknowledging your dreams? What would happen if you created goals that were aligned with the "what" and "where" you really want to be?

LOVE...Every time we allow doubt and fear to disconnect us from our dreams, our relationship with our "self" suffers. We show ourselves less empathy and more apathy...this disconnect can lead us to moments of disappointment, distrust, and anger or frustration with ourselves. We can change these moments and make them into a new moment... One where we choose to love ourselves and show ourselves the empathy, compassion and encouragement we would show others.

LEAP... So here we are... Are you ready to take the first "leap"....and acknowledge your true goals and aspirations? Remember...How long it would take and how big the goal is really doesn't matter. Being true to yourself by being in alignment with your self... AND... allowing yourself to take the first "leap" in a series of "leaps" is the most loving gift you can give your "self." So go on and create the goal of YOUR lifetime.

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