Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Questions, Questions and More Questions

LIVE...Now is the time that we tend to sit down and take inventory of what we have accomplished in the last year. The underlying questions we seem to ask yourselves are "How much did I live last year?" "What did I accomplish?" "Were my accomplishments worth what it took to attain them?"

LOVE...Once we evaluate our accomplishments we tend to look for the possible impact we have had on the lives of others. "Did we tell our children that we loved them enough?" "Did we donate as much as we wanted?" "Did we take the opportunities to simply do the small things that could have lifted some one's mood or made a brighter day for them?"

LEAP...Finally, we take a minute and look at moments that we missed. "Where could we have made that leap?" "What did we allow to stop us from getting what we truly wanted this year?"

My challenge for you over the next year...look for ways to take the steps you wish you could have taken this year...and take one!

I hope this holiday season gives you the chance to witness a true act of love and kindness.

Jodi is the coach and consultant for Mountain Springs Professional and Organizational Services, feel free to email her or give her a call she would love to hear from you.

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