Friday, December 5, 2008

What will your next dollar do?

LIVE....To give you a little more background on myself, I started my mental health career in suicide prevention. I was trained as a crisis helpline worker at the age of sixteen. We could recieve calls from other teens who were simply having a bad day, or teens who were activating a plan to complete suicide. There are no words to express how valuable that experience was for me and how much I learned.

LOVE...Over the years...I have sat on the phone...been called into offices... assessed individuals in schools and hospitals... all with the goal of preventing suicide. However, all of this work has not granted me immunity. I am also someone who has been touched by suicide, I have stood by the coffins of four people who have completed suicide. Each of them for different reasons and under different circumstances. Each will be remembered with love and loss.

LEAP...Here is the best part...I have had the fortunate experience of making friends with a person who also shares a passion for suicide prevention. Currently, she is trying to raise a modest amount of money for a national organization called SPAN USA.

Please take a minute, look at her page below and simply think about sparing $1.00. A dollar from one of us seems powerless, but a dollar from all of us...makes the impossible...possible.

Please feel free to add comments or post questions. I would love to hear from you!

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