Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Positive Place Cards

LIVE…LOVE… It is amazing how alive we feel when we know we are loved by others. Most people I know have created holiday traditions. Traditions vary from saying a prayer to going around the room and expressing your gratitude for events in the past.

LEAP… For this holiday season, I challenge you to try something new. This year take blank “Thank You” cards or oversized place cards; place each guest’s name on a card. Then have each guest write one statement about the person named on the card. There are two rules; the statement needs to be specific and reflect positive qualities about the person named.

The activity is easier if you set it up for guests to be able to complete before dinner with one person attending the cards. The attendant is in charge of taking out the current writer’s card so the person writing does not find out what others have said.

Once everyone has written a statement on each guest’s card, place the cards at the table to be opened before or after dinner. At dinner, have each guest open and read through the statements made on their cards. Once the guest has read the card they simply say thank you to all of the guests.

Hint: It is ok to give your guests starters like, “I am so thankful you…, I love your…., I appreciate the way you……” The starters give guests the ability to generate ideas, if needed.

I hope you have a bountiful holiday season, filled with love and appreciation!

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